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Although it's obvious blackinblack is our favourite colour we hold a litlle rainbow in our hearts. A is for anarchy, E is for equality <3.

Proceeds form this fine 9 cm woven patch will go to the Rainbow Railroad & Queer Refugee Support Hamburg.

»Rainbow Railroad« exists to help lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) people get out of danger to somewhere safe. In the spirit of and with homage to the Underground Railroad, the mission of Rainbow Railroad is to help LGBTQI people as they seek safe haven from state-enabled violence, murder or persecution.


»Queer Refugees Support Hamburg« is an open action group founded by queer people in the city primarily to support queer refugees. Other queer immigrants – whether documented or not – are also welcome to contact them.

This self-organised group met for the first time in September 2015. Its members include Caucasians and People of Color, varied passport-holders and cis- and transgendered individuals, although the majority of activists are white, cisgendered people with German passports. They are committed to opening the group to all queer people.


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