Hello everyone,

we are moving house in May so it's very possible that your orders will be delayed a few days. We are doing our best to get everything done ASAP. Please also keep in mind that couriers and postal services all over the world are working hard under the pressure of the COVID19 epedemic. Things take a little longer here as well. Be nice to them. Thanks!


We are friends in St.Pauli, Hamburg, but from elsewhere and incredibly passionate about cycling. Not as a sport, not as a hobby but rather as an identity, some sort of positive nihilism to a world and it’s paradigms which have long stopped making sense to us.

As opposed to cycling often being portrayed as a non-political, macho, ultra-tough, obnoxious and lately, a fad, we are outspokenly anarchist, anti-fascist, (intersectional) feminist and big on animal rights. We dare to romanticise riding with no space for irony nor blatancy.

Since the very beginning of the collective we have been heavily involved with the cycle messenger / courier scene – we are not just an autonomous, non-profit, diy collective we are also excourier owned and operated.

We feel the urge to translate our radical political mindset around class struggle, gender and equality – concepts already intrinsic to our everyday lives, which already leave their mark in in art and music – into the cycling community.

Thus taking back the streets, taking back the night - taking back our lives.