Projects we have supported over the years

Lampedusa in Hamburg
MediBüro Hamburg
Queer Refugees Welcome HH
Rainbow Railroad
Afghan(women) Cyclist Relocation & Evacuation in 2022
Women in Exile
Hard to Port (to end whaling in Iceland)
LPT schließen! (Animal Testing Lab in Hamburg)
Initiative Dessauer Ufer (Learning and Remembering Nazi History in Hamburg)
The Steady Collective (Harm Reduction in Ashville, USA)
Flora baut! 2014 (Reconstruction of HH oldest Squat, the Rote Flora)
Hound of Love Fund (Animal Rescue)
AwareMess (Awareness structure in the bike community)
FireFund (political prisoners and abolitionists fund)
Die 3 von der Parkbank <3
Gay’s Okay x BLAHOL campaign against homophobia
Velo Peaches (Vienna’s first FLINTA* bike shop)
The European Cycle Messenger Championships (2012 – 2022)
The Cycle Messenger Championships (2012 – 2022)
A hundred alleycats and other bike races
London Courier Emergency Fund
Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund
SAR Missions in the Mediterranean


…and various unnamed projects for people who had to move/pay lawyer’s fees due to sexual violence/abuse and interpersonal or state violence & repression.


This is solidarity not charity!