• Image of 'Our chains set us free" Hard to Port Soliprint
  • Image of 'Our chains set us free" Hard to Port Soliprint

In 1982 the International Whaling Commission (IWC; a body that was formed to regulate all whaling activities worldwide) officially set the catch limits for all commercial whaling operations to - zero - in an effort to avert the extinction of many whale species.

1992 Iceland left the IWC only to "rejoin" in 2002. It's government officially stated "it would not authorize the resumption of commercial whaling operations until 2006 and beyond".

In late 2013, the Icelandic Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture defied and provoked the international community yet again by a full resumption and further increasing the country’s hunting quota. Iceland’s whalers are now allowed to kill up to 229 minke whales and 154 fin whales annually for commercial purposes.

Whaling needs to end and this is why we’ll support a small and quiet young NGO called "Hard to Port". We love their approach to finally end the whale hunt in Iceland with two of the most effective tactics. Direct action and education.


Hand-screened prints on 300gr paper, DINA3 [297mm x 420mm]. black ink on white paper + white ink on black paper.

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